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A Portable Navigation Device... With a Built-in Camera

Techstination feature for Friday, August 11, 2006

A portable navigation device…with a built in camera. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. There are so many portable car navigation systems on the market these days, it has become a challenge for companies that make them to add features that separate their products from the competition. Navman has come up with a feature for its iCN 750…that it calls NavPix. VP Chris Jensen…

" It's the world's first navigation device that allows the consumer to navigate to pictures. So instead of pressing the button and having a list of names pop up and addresses, you press a button and you actually have a list of pictures."

The pictures you take…are embedded with the geographic data….they can be emailed an used by others with the iCN 750. In fact, Navman has created a Web site community for sharing photos…

"We've created a community of pictures there so that after you come back from your vacation, you can upload your pictures to the community Web site and then other people who are going to France can see NavPix pictures that you took. They can choose to download the ones they like. When they get to the airport in Paris, they pop the 750 onto the windshield, bring up the pictures, press the picture that looks like the Eiffel Tower, and the unit will navigate you to it."

The camera built into the unit doesn't take the kind of high resolution shots that you'd want to keep for your vacation photos, however. But the concept is pretty cool and Navman provides a tool for adding the geographic data to any photos you've taken. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.