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Net News...Postal Service Online Ballot & Web Browser for the Blind

Techstination feature for Friday, February 5, 1999

News from the net. The postal service opens online voting and new software to help the blind surf the web. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. It's part of the Celebrate the Century program at the Postal Service. Balloting has begun at your local post office and pick the stamp images that represent the 1980s. Postal Service spokesman Don Smeraldi...

"Well, there's five different categories on ballots that you can get at any post office or you can vote online. And the categories are People and Events, Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Science and Technology and Lifestyle. And there's thirty different choices in those five categories and you can pick up to three from each category."

The top two vote getters in each category become stamps and the next five overall will make the cut too. The stamps will be issued next year. You can cast your vote at A new software program we told you about some months ago, developed by IBM researchers in Japan has been released in the U.S. market. It's the IBM Homepage Reader. Essentially, it is a talking web browser that sells for under 150 dollars. The ingenious program lets users navigate the web with the numeric keypad. Information on various web sites is read in a male voice. A female voice is used to distinguish links. You can get more information at