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Bluetooth for iPods

Techstination feature for Friday, September 15, 2006

Bluetooth for iPods. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Making add-on devices for iPods is big business. Even Apple rival Creative Labs plans to make iPod accessories. Some of the neatest add-ons are made by AnyCom…a company based in Germany that is focused exclusively on Bluetooth. General Manager Markus Bregler…says the BluNa …is a small adaptor designed for iPods….

"What you do is you just snap it on the bottom of an iPod, iPod Nano. It has no buttons, no pairing, no battery charging, anything. All you do is you just put it on, as you can see it just automatically starts the Apple iPod Nano. The device is searching… is there anything around that is able to communicate with me. And we have brought our Bluetooth wall mount speaker so it will search for it and if I'm pressing the play button it starts."

The retail price for the BluNa adaptor is about 120 dollars. It connects to either those wireless speakers that sell for about 150 dollars…or to Bluetooth headphones…priced at about 130 dollars. Bregler says Bluetooth is really just getting started…

"We are still in a very early phase. Most of the people think Bluetooth is just a cable replacement for your headset and that's it. This technology can do much more."

For instance, more cell phones are arriving that include Bluetooth stereo capability for music. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.