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Insurance for Your Digital Photos

Techstination feature for Friday, October 13, 2006

Insurance for your digital photos. Bloomberg Bootcamp, a report on today's technology. With digital cameras…people tend to take lots of pictures. Why not…there's no film to buy. And you wind up storing those images on your computer. But hard drives can and will eventually fail. Even worse, are other disasters such as fires or floods. A company called ProtectMyPhotos is offering a service designed to automatically back up your digital images….and other files. CEO Cliff Shaw….

"ProtectMyPhotos is a software application you install on your computer, backs up all your photos automatically over the Internet. Sends them up to our data center. We send them to another data center, so we keep two copies all the time. It's basically aimed at all the people who don't really know what to do to back up their photos."

The software is easy to install and once you do …your digital images will be backed up automatically. And the idea that they're being stored in a different location adds to the peace of mind. Beyond that…

"We just added a feature to handle documents and music and videos and other things like that, so we don't just do photos. But photos is our main focus right now."

ProtectMyPhotos costs fifty dollars a year for 25 gigabytes of storage. Shaw says the plan is to increase that limit. There's also a free version of the service that is limited to storing low resolution copies of photos. Once your images are backed up…you can access them from any Web browser. It's available now for Windows…a Mac version is in the works.