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A New Treo From Palm

Techstination feature for Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Multiple colors and a low price. Palm aims a smartphone at the masses. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Facing more competition in the smartphone business from Motorola, Research in Motion's Blackberry and from Nokia….Palm is out with the Treo 680. It is being sold by Cingular…for 200 dollars…with a two year contract….or an unlocked version…can be found on Palm's Web site for about twice the price. It's the first Treo to be offered in four colors….and gone is the protruding antenna. Vice President and General Manger Tara Griffin…

"The Treo 680 has everything that we have come to expect from Palm. A great user experience. The ability to get on the Web, to get your email. And we're really focusing this product specifically on a new marketplace. A customer that may be very interested in technology but is using a basic cell phone now. So we're hoping that we can help them cross over to the smartphone world."

The Treo 680 has an SD memory card slot for storing MP3 music files…photos or data. The built in camera is only VGA resolution….a step down from other recent Treo models. Another thing to keep in mind…you'll need a data plan along with voice service from your carrier. While Palm continues to sell stand alone PDAs…

"We've definitely made the conscious change from the majority of our business being the handheld business to making the switchover to the smartphone business."

Palm's Tara Griffin. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.