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Turning Digital Photos into Works of Art

Techstination feature for Friday, December 15, 2006

Turning digital photos into works of art. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. One of the great things about taking digital pictures is you can take lots of them…as long as you have space on your memory card. And you can see the results right away. That hopefully means…you get better photos. And with the very best ones…there are some unique ways to preserve your memories. It's easy to upload pictures to make mugs and calendars….there are new services that will turn photos into woven throws. And others that create prints on canvas. That's the specialty of a start up called Brilliant Image. President Jerry Cahn….

"I think what everyone is recognizing is that you have to take that digital image and do something with it if people are going to enjoy it. I think what you're finding is a real difference in the marketplace that at the low end, what people are doing is they're just taking the image and they're putting it on a piece of canvas or a cup…and what they're doing simply is just regurgitating it on there. We don't do that. Our artists look at every single image and as I said, if necessary, we enhance it and improve it."

There are services….such as those from a site called…that offer to create oil paintings or sketches from photos. Pricing is higher than those from Brilliant Image….which is enhancing a digital print. Brilliant prices start at under 80 dollars. About some other canvas print makers, Cahn says…

"There are some low end companies that offer standard sizing with their frames. We offer a wide variety and custom frames. They'll say they'll gallery wrap it and they don't do what we do, which is extend the actual image two inches …put it on fine wood…so that it actually floats off the wall."

Brilliant Image is planning to sell canvas prints from professional photographers as well. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.