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Another Big Year Ahead for Bluetooth

Techstination feature for Friday, January 5, 2007

Another big year ahead for Bluetooth. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It used to be an oddity, seeing someone walking around wearing a contraption wrapped around his ear….a conversing with it. Bluetooth headsets have become smaller, lighter….and with nearly all new mobile phones including the technology….much more popular. They are also a lot more affordable than they were at first. Cardo Systems sells a line of headsets…in the 40 to 60 dollar range…with some unique features. For instance…the Scala 700 can be paired with more than one mobile phone…..and if it's misplaced around the house…can help you track it down. Cardo's Kathryn Rhodes …

"What we have is a find me feature. You can, with the press of a button on your mobile phone, make your headset buzz and you can locate it. So it's very convenient for people who may lose it during the day, have it under a stack of papers…accidentally knock it off the nightstand at night and you can find your headset using your mobile phone. It's phone activated. You could initiate a call and once it's connected, you would then press the volume button up and down…and the phone will buzz."

On the pricier side….is the Scala Rider GM headset. It is designed to fit in the helmets of motorcycle riders…includes an FM radio….and sells for about 180 dollars. It allows riders to receive, initiate or reject calls by voice control…

"These products provide motorcycle riders the safety and convenience to make and receive calls without their hands leaving the handlebars."

Cardo is competing with some veteran companies…such as Motorola, Nokia, Jabra and Plantronics. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.