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Adding iPod Docks

Techstination feature for Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Making more use of those add-on iPod speakers. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. If you have an iPod….chances are you also have invested in a docking station….that includes speakers to play your tunes. You may also be storing music on a Bluetooth equipped cell phone….or PC. That's where a new device called the Fipo from Anycom can help. Managing Director Walter Daguhn…

"It's a small product that enables any product that was targeted for an Apple iPod to be used with your mobile phone. So we have here this small docking station for example and normally you plug in an Apple iPod into it. But instead of that now you can put in this adaptor."

Setting it up to play music from a stereo Bluetooth phone is simple…

"Fipo does not have any key. Automatically it looks for the last device it had been paired to and if it cannot find this device it jumps into pairing search mode and is open to be accessed by other products." And on this one …you would do a 111 or 000… "On this side, on the mobile phone side, you put in a four times zero which has become the standard PIN code for Bluetooth products."

The wireless range is up to about 30 feet. Anycom says the Fipo, that's F-i-p-o, will sell for about 99 dollars. You can find us on the Web with an archive of reports at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.