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Archos 704... DVR for the Road

Techstination feature for Friday, March 23, 2007

A DVR for the road. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Archos…a French company that was first out of the gate with a hard drive based MP3 player….is out with the versatile new Archos 704. And versatile is the key word. It has a brushed metal finish surrounding a seven inch touch screen. With an add on cradle…it is a full fledged DVR…able to record TV shows and movies and play them back onto a TV. Or you can just pick it up and watch on the seven inch screen. There's 80 gigabytes of storage…which you can also use for digital music, photos and video. And on top of that…there's built in WiFi connectivity. Chief operating officer Larry Smith says you can use it to browse the Web…or to connect the family room TV…to your home network…

"You're able to transfer content and bridge the PC to TV gap. You know today there's a lot of content being made available directly to PCs. And with the 704, you're able to stream that content from your PC to the 704. And while it's connected to the television through the DVR cradle, you simply hit a button on the top of the device and all the content that you're streaming to the 704 you can watch on your television. Whether it's a 42 inch plasma or a 32 inch Sony Wega. So it really does bridge that gap that everybody's been looking for. And it's the first device of its kind to do that."

The price? The 704 itself sells for 550 dollars. The DVR cradle…is an additional 100 dollars…and works with other Archos portable media players as well…including some pocket sized models. Keep in mind that 7 inch screen means the 704 isn't ideal for carrying around all day. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.