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Video Conference or Video Email... Inexpensive PC Camera

Techstination feature for Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Adding pictures and video to your PC doesn't have to be expensive. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Whether you use it for video email, video conferencing or snapping still pictures, little cameras that attach to your PC are a lot of fun and cheaper than ever. A company called LifeView makes what it calls the RoboCam for under eighty dollars. Plug it into the USB port and the fun begins. LifeView's Jim Arno...

"The USB RoboCam is a digital camera, PC camera, that employs the latest CMOS technology to give still capture and full motion video at a clear thirty frames per second. It's a plug and play product that you can use with families, SOHO professionals, schools, home users. And this is great for sending video email through the Internet, for video conferencing."

LifeView has been around for years making imaging products sold under the names of other companies. Now, it is marketing under its own brand. The RoboCam works with any PC with USB ports and soon, with the iMac. You can use Microsoft's NetMeeting to video conference. The video email program that ships with the camera sends a video file that can be opened without any special software. And snapping stills is simple too...

"Our product also has a hardware snapshot feature, atop the camera is a button, you just push it, and that allows you to do an instant capture."

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