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Making Windows Snappier With Gizmos

Techstination feature for Wednesday, September 8, 1999

A new, improved add-on for Windows. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Play Incorporated is out with an update to its popular Windows add-on called Gizmos 98.

"Gizmos basically adds a lot of fun and a lot of functionality to Windows PCs."

Play's Melissa Wolfe. Gizmos is a diverse collection of programs. Everything from calendars and alarm clocks to imaging and security...

"Windows 98 does not have, for example, any file security. So Gizmos 98 adds file security. It adds a shredder that will permanently delete files from your computer and adds a vault that will keep your really confidential files safe so no one else can look at them without your password."

Where Gizmos really shines is in the imaging category. No surprise, since Play is the company behind the popular Snappy video capture device. There is a Picture Explorer and a screen saver that lets you drag and drop your own photos onto a rotating 3D video cube. And then there is Performer 98...

"We like to call it a story telling tool. It basically gives users the ability to create television style presentations really simply and easily so your kids can do it."

The upgrade to Gizmos 98 solves some compatibility issues and adds some new features as well. Owners of the original product can download it for free from