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Challenger to Windows Wears Red Hat

Techstination feature for Thursday, September 9, 1999

The up and coming challenger to Windows. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Oh come on now. Can a little company called Red Hat, from North Carolina, that is just about giving away its software really challenge Microsoft?

"You know if you're going to compete with someone who owns a virtual monopoly, you can't do it by playing under their rules."

So Red Hat CEO Bob Young changed the rules by making Red Hat Linux so cheap...CD versions sell for as little as 30 dollars or you can download it for free....and by making it flexible. Users are allowed, even encouraged, to change the operating system to suit their needs. But that doesn't mean it is too hard for the average person to use...

"It's not too hard. It's very easy. It'd be fun to try, it is certainly something that if you're interested in computers, whether you're highly technical or not, it's a low cost way to learn a lot more about operating system than you currently know."

One good reason to try is...stability....

"There are stories of Red Hat Linux users whose machine ran for several years and the only reason it crashed was some backhoe operator dug up the electrical cable into the building."

With more software, even games, being written to run under Red Hat, the CEO really believes it is only a matter of time before it will be a serious challenger to Microsoft.