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Touch Screens Everywhere... Synaptics

Techstination feature for Tuesday, July 22, 2008

          Touch screens everywhere.   Apple has some competition.   Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology.   They were lined up to buy the updated iPhone.  The touch screen features have helped to make Apple successful in the mobile phone business.   But there's more and more competition....and that means more business for a company called Synaptics.   It's big business has been making touchpads for notebook PCs...but phones are becoming more and more important.  The company's Andrew Hsu...

"Within the next year or so, you'll really start seeing a lot more touch screen type devices out there.  And there's certainly an older generation of touch screen technology called resistive technology that doesn't work as well for gesture based, user interface controls.  Within the next year or so, you'll start seeing users becoming more sophisticated about what works and what won't work.  There's definitely a difference out there in terms of touch screen technologies.  And that's something users need to be aware of." 

    Among the phones using Synaptics' technology are the LG Secret and Chocolate phones....and the Samsung F480...which hasn't yet arrived in the U.S.   It is also in Samsung's iPod and video player...the YP-2...