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Filter the Net.... Or Spy?

Techstination feature for Monday, November 8, 1999

Should you filter Internet content...or should you spy? I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. A couple of very different solutions to an old problem. The first is a software package called Spector. Appropriate since it lets you play James Bond.....

"What Spector does is take hundreds of screen snapshots every hour, automatically and optionally, undetectable, so that somebody else can go in later and review and see exactly what someone else was doing on the PC or specifically on the Internet."

SpectorSoft's Doug Fowler. The software doesn't filter Internet sites, but those screen snapshots show you what someone has been up to in chat rooms, on the web, or even what they've been writing in a word processor. The company's advice...let the users know they're being monitored and that alone should be a deterrent. The price, just fifty dollars. You can find more information on the web at When it comes to filtering Internet content, NetNanny is releasing version 4. CEO Gordon Ross says it makes the process easier than ever...

"Dynamically the database will update as soon as you go on the Internet. Whatever changes are made, we will send you only the changes through the net in the background so while you're surfing out there, it is updating your system automatically."

The online price, 35 dollars, from