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Language Translation Tool For Free

Techstination feature for Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Many languages....and one world wide web. How to overcome the barriers. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Okay, so maybe nearly all of the web sites you visit are in English. That's good for you, but not so good for millions of other people around the world. Enter a company called "Babylon opens up English content to the rest of the world."

Shuki Preminger is the CEO of the Israeli based company. The software is free to download. Click on a word or phrase....and a window pops up instantly translating it into any one of eight other languages. Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch and Hebrew. More are on the way....

"You point to the word, just click on it whether you are online or offline, and you get the translation into any of nine different languages, right now, with very, very rich vocabulary. We have over three million words and expressions and lots of professional terms."

It can even serve as a pop up English dictionary with any program you are using...

"It translates anywhere within the Windows operating system."

Another great translation tool that's been around for a while is on the site. It translates entire web pages or content that you cut and paste. It works with fewer languages, but like, it's free.