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All in One Printing and Web Creation Package

Techstination feature for Thursday, December 2, 1999

From greeting cards to a family site on the web, do it yourself. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. There are lots of great software packages on the market that will let you design and print those holiday cards. But one of the best is an updated version of an old favorite, Print Artist Grand Suite from SierraHome Publishing. Those greeting cards are really just the start....

"Print Artist Grand Suite is positioned as the complete print and print to web home publishing product. So what it allows people to do is to create home graphics products very easily through either templates or by creating from scratch on their own. And then if they wish to, they can very easily by using our Web Studio application, create their own personal web site with the same projects that they've used or created in Print Artist."

Sierra's Mark Tindall. The suite includes photo editing and web capturing applications as well, all for under seventy dollars. Whatever printing or web project you pick, you can start from scratch or... work from templates.

"It's incredibly flexible, in that it allows people to either choose to work from one of our ten thousand templates or it allows people the flexibility and some of the really professional grade tools that you would find in a really high end pre-press program in a consumer application."

Print Artist Grand Suite is Windows only. A scaled down version, Print Artist Platinum without the Web Studio capabilities sells, for under fifty dollars.