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Tips for Digital Pix

Techstination feature for Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Taking digital pictures? Some picture perfect advice. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Digital has put a lot of fun back into photography. Try one of the new digital cameras and you'll see what I mean.

"What you're seeing is the price coming down as the quality is going up."

Professional photographer Rick Sammon says there are lots of things to like about digital cameras. You can see your pictures instantly. Erase the ones you don't like. Edit and print beautiful pictures on your PC, email them or put them on the web....

"So now, you have this great, great digital darkroom on your desktop."

But don't make the mistake of buying a one hundred dollar model with poor resolution. For about four hundred dollars, you can find one megapixel models and for under a thousand dollars Kodak has come out with a 3 megapixel model, the DC 290. They aren't cheap and make no mistake, they still aren't as easy to use as a point and shoot film camera. But no matter what kind of camera you're using...Sammon says...

"The number one mistake people make is they don't follow this tip, the name of the game is to fill the frame. Most people when they take a picture, don't move in, they don't zoom in close enough. If you cut out the dead space around a subject, you'll get a much more dramatic picture."

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