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Qualcomm Clicks Send on New Eudora

Techstination feature for Friday, December 17, 1999

The outlook for Eudora. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Qualcomm is fighting back against the growing popularity of Microsoft's Outlook. The fight is for the delivery of your email. Outlook has won over lots of fans and is the standard today in more and more offices with the express version winding up on many home PCs. Qualcomm's Eudora has been around for a lot longer.....and the new strategy is to make the full featured version available for free. Qualcomm's Jeff Belk... says users will have a choice ...of paying...or using a sponsored version of the program...

"We're turning some of the ways things are done on the Internet upside down. First of all, when we say sponsor supported, it's not going to be all of these flashing ads or ads with sound and animation. We're respecting the fact that the user is viewing email. They're not in an environment where flashing or animated ads would be appropriate."

If you don't want ads at all, you can opt for a free, less full featured version...or pay fifty dollars. So which email program is right for you? Outlook or Eudora?

"Eudora's focus is really on email management. Where we get complimented is in our extensive filtering and attachment handling, in our ability to render HTML messages, in our search functions."

The new Eudora is available for both Mac and Windows.