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What's Next On Apple's Tree

Techstination feature for Monday, January 10, 2000

Apple continues its comeback. It was one of the biggest tech stories of last year, the resurgence of Apple Computer. The creation of the colorful iMac and iBook is being widely imitated now, but the folks at Apple are used to that. Now that CEO Steve Jobs has removed the interim from his title, what's next on the horizon? OS Ten. ...

"Mac OS X is truly state of the art and next generation. What we've done is taken the foundation of the operating system and we've introduced a very modern what we call state of the art plumbing that brings full pre-emptive multi-tasking, full memory protection, which delivers incredible reliability and basically crash proof computing."

Apple's director of OS technology Ken Bereskin. You've been hearing so much about the Linux operating system as a challenger to Windows.... the new Mac OS will have a Linux like foundation. Another major move by Apple... It's buying a big stake in the nation's number two Internet service provider, Earthlink. That will give Earthlink a prominent spot on new Macs as it battles with America Online. Earthlink's Arley Baker...

"For Apple, it gives them an opportunity to endorse an ISP that works extremely well with their operating system."

And Earthlink is finally giving users a family pack option. Five additional email addresses for two dollars a month.