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Digital Stills From Digital Video

Techstination feature for Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Is it a video camera or a still camera? Actually, it's both. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Digital video cameras are growing in popularity, capturing about 25 percent of the market last year. Better picture quality and sound are why most people opt for digital, but there are some added bonuses. Quite a few models will let you snap digital still pictures too. And Sony is taking the idea even further. It's putting a printer into a digital camcorder due out later this year. Sony's Tim Alessi...

"You can use it as an instant camera. Just hit the photo button and it'll print that image. You can print an image off of the Memory Stick, or save an image off of the tape onto the Memory Stick and print that as well."

The tiny printer on the back of the camera gives you business card size photos. You can look for Sony's DCR TRV 820 this spring. The price... about 13 hundred dollars. If you already have a camcorder and a computer you can opt for the latest edition, Version 4.0 of a device called Snappy, from Play, Incorporated... .

"It's basically the undisputed leader when you're talking about video capture, when you're talking about bringing still images from any video source and saving them on your PC."

Play's Melissa Wolfe. Snappy is a snap to use and saves high quality digital images from any camcorder or video source. You can find more information at