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The Internet... Everywhere

Techstination feature for Wednesday, March 8, 2000

The Internet, everywhere. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Chances are your next wireless phone will have a built in browser. And when you walk in the door, a flat panel Internet device will sit on the kitchen counter. Turn on the TV in the family room... and uh, oh... .you're connected there too. Maybe it seems like we'll all be a bit overly connected. But it's coming. Brian Riseland... product manager at the Microsoft Network ... says the push is on to bring the services into as many devices as possible. For instance... there are MSN based Web Companions... .

"They're not like a PC. They don't have an online or an offline state. When they're turned off, we have this nice little picture of your choice... .here we chose a picture of some of my nieces and nephews... .that sits on your screen. These are the kinds of devices... you can tell from the smaller form factor and the wireless keyboard... .that you're going to put in places in your house that typically wouldn't have a PC."

They'll be out this summer. MSN is also formating its content so it's readable on web-enabled wireless phones. Why would you need that? Open your phone and click on

"If you booked an itinerary online, you can have access to that itinerary right there from your phone. So you can go up and look at it. Click on maybe the flight number and you can see if your flight's leaving on time. Maybe you have a little more time to go run another errand before you get on that plane."

Or if you're grounded. Click to get driving directions.