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Web Help in Channel Surfing

Techstination feature for Monday, April 17, 2000

The most famous little magazine at the supermarket checkout is even better on the Web. TV Guide will set you back a dollar seventy nine at the local supermarket or newsstand. The Web version at is free and has lots of other advantages. For instance... says TV Guide Online President Tom Hagopian... you can create your own customized listings...

"It's a very quick, three step process, takes about thirty seconds to go in and just enter your zip code. And then up will pop a window confirming who your provider is, whether you have satellite or cable or broadcast over the air and then what comes back from that is a full grid that's totally customized with all your channel numbers mapped to your stations that you've got. You can further sort that, if you'd like by genre, if you want to just see the movies that are playing now or sports that are on, or comedies. With a click of the mouse you can get a grid listing that's all sorted by those types of genres."

Assuming you're online already, it is a whole lot faster than waiting for listings to scroll by on the channel guide on your TV. Don't know what to watch? Check out the recommendations and reviews. I like the fun and games section where you can play with celebrity photos, test your TV trivia knowledge, or do those TV Guide crossword puzzles. You can find us on the Web at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.