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Which PDA For Your Pocket?

Techstination feature for Monday, April 24, 2000

Did Microsoft get it right this time? Microsoft has made some big improvements in releasing its latest platform for handheld computers. PocketPC devices are the third try by the software giant to gain a foothold in the market that has been totally dominated by Palm Computing. What are the differences this time? Gary Schultz is the director of the mobile information productions division at Casio...

"The biggest difference between PocketPC and the older Windows CE platforms are the multimedia capabilities. Being able to do downloads of ebooks, high end stereo MP3 downloads really has made the platform a lot more dynamic."

Casio has joined HP and Compaq in launching PocketPC devices and the one I've been test driving is impressive. An add-on digital camera module can capture web quality photos and even video. Expandability is a strong point. Wired or wireless modems, networking... .even a cradle for the car that connects to the net and to GPS satellites for mapping and traffic information... (sound) So which should you buy... a Palm or a PocketPC? If names, numbers and simplicity are what you want, stick with the Palm. But if you don't mind spending 500 dollars for a device that can do more... a lot more... the new contender is a fun way to fill your pocket.