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Digital Picture Prints May Fade ....Unless

Techstination feature for Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Something to worry about when you're taking digital pictures. Let's get one thing straight. I love digital photography. I take just about all my family photos with digital cameras. I've scanned old prints to make them digital and had a lot of fun with software that lets you manipulate pictures more easily than you could in a million dollar dark room. And for years, I've been using ink jet printers to make prints that are difficult to distinguish from prints you'd get from the local drug store. So what's the problem? The problem is how long those home made prints will last. At Epson, which makes impressive ink jet printers for as low as 89 dollars for PCs and Macs, product manager Rajeev Mishra admits that prints from most printers like these will start to fade after only two or three years. I've seen the results in pictures in my family room. The solution? Epson has introduced a line of Stylus Photo printers that will produce pictures that will last...

"These are six color ink jet printers with 1440 DPI capability that have light fastness to be up to 28 years using our media and inks."

What all that means is that the prints will last as long as the ones from the photo labs. Printers with that kind of capability start at about 300 dollars. Cheaper printers will do. Just make sure you hang onto those digital files to make more copies when the prints start to fade away.