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More Games Require 3D Graphics

Techstination feature for Thursday, January 7, 1999

Fast 3D graphics from NVIDIA. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. When it comes to playing computer games, a good 3D graphics card can make a big difference. In fact a lot of game software won't work without 3D acceleration. Some of the hottest new cards on the market are using a chip called the RIVA TNT from a company called NVIDIA. Computer graphics expert Chris Knight, who as a child actor played Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch, has been working as a spokesman for NVIDIA...

"A lot what NVIDIA is doing is similar to what Silicon Graphics did for the work station world, they're doing for the consumer world by taking this technology that used to be a half a million dollars and bringing it down into a package that's affordable for a consumer upgrade, on a board, for under a hundred fifty dollars."

The board is not just great for playing games, fast 2D performance is a plus in other applications...

"The photo uses that we're getting into. The digital cameras that we're collecting today or scanners that are very hot or even larger monitors. All of those things portend towards a growth in graphics at the consumer level."

You'll find increasing numbers of card makers using the RIVA TNT chip. Knight, by the way, has been working in the computer industry for 11 years...

"I have a phrase for it. I'm not built for the entertainment industry. The high tech industry is more me. It's more comfortable."

It's a different kind of bunch.