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Wireless Wonders on the Way

Techstination feature for Tuesday, May 16, 2000

If you think that wireless phone in your pocket is a marvel today... .just wait! Ever hear of Bluetooth? How about something called 3G? Maybe you haven't heard of them yet, but those two new technologies are poised to change your life... .and soon! Bluetooth, named by the way for a 10th Century Viking King, will begin to arrive later this year in chips embedded in wireless phones and computers and could eventually find their way into everything from your car to your refrigerator. Dick Lynch is the Chief Technology Officer at Verizon Wireless...

"You can envision a day when you can take your Bluetooth enabled computer and bring it into the car and while you're driving from point a to point b, it will be downloading all your email automatically because the car is equipped with a Bluetooth enabled wireless device."

Bluetooth will enable wireless short distance communications. Then, there is 3G, which stands for third generation wireless technology... .think high speed communications in your pocket... ..

"It's going to be higher speed connectivity which will allow people to really browse the Web wirelessly. If you do it today, it can be painfully slow and I'll be the first to admit that. But it will be much faster with 3G."

Eventually, video conferencing through a device in your pocket. Want to know more? You'll find links from our home on the Web at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.