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Techstination feature for Monday, May 29, 2000

When someone is sick, you send flowers and a card. Some high tech help in doing more. When you hear a friend, a co-worker or a relative is suffering from cancer or kidney stones or another type of illness or injury, you call, send a card and maybe flowers. But if you are looking to do more, log onto a site called I was leery at first when I saw the site was created by the company that makes Tylenol and sure they are promoting their products, but much of the content was created by the National Alliance for Care Giving. Click on drop down menus describing the illness, the gender, age and your relationship to the person and the site will come back with information and advice. Alliance executive director Gail Hunt...

"For example, someone with diabetes can have eye problems, so an audio book might be a good idea. Or people with high blood pressure usually have to limit their salt intake, so a cookbook of healthy recipes that have low salt is another gift suggestion. In addition to the descriptions of the illnesses, the Alliance was involved in developing some caregiver tips."

There are lots of medical information sites on the web, what I like about this one is that it tells me what I can do to help. You'll also find more resources for care giving at our home on the Web, Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.