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The Next Version of Windows

Techstination feature for Monday, July 3, 2000

It really doesn't look all that different, but Microsoft has added some touches that will make the next version of Windows easier to use. It is called Windows Millenium Edition, or Windows Me for short. Sort of makes it sound a lot more personal, doesn't it? I've been using a pre-release version and I'm not sure that I agree with Microsoft's assessment that it is a must have for all home users. But there are some significant advances. The biggest, I think, is in the area of what Product manager Tom Laemmel calls PC Health...

"Things that we've done to make sure that the operating system stays up more, that you have a better time using it. There's things like system restore, which enables you to re-create your system as it was on a previous date."

Microsoft didn't originate that concept, but Judge Jackson or no... it has built another handy application into the operating system. The browser is still there... including new functions to make printing from Web sites easier. Editing tools for digital video and audio are part of Windows Me too. And it makes networking multiple PCs in the house is more simple ...

"The wizard will step you through the process, identifying say... hey, you've got a scanner, do you want to share this with everyone? Hey, you've got a printer, I see you've got a joystick, I see you've got an Internet you want to make this available to everybody."

Windows Me will be available to you... in September. The upgrade price, about 109 dollars. Whether you use Windows, a Mac or anything in between, you can find us on the Web at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.