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High Tech Gadgets For Your Wrist

Techstination feature for Monday, July 10, 2000

If you like high tech gadgets... . Watch this! I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Casio calls it wrist technology. On the market now... a watch that stores and plays MP3 music... (sound) That's a watch playing?

"That's a watch playing."

Casio's Dave Ginsberg.. The MP3 watch can store up to an hour of music you listen to through earphones that plug in. And that's just the start. Soon to come... a watch that can tell you where you are...

"This will tell you via satellite, it actually reads seven satellites or it accesses seven satellites simultaneously, it will tell you within forty meters where you are on the face of the earth."

The watch face isn't big enough for maps... but it does give you coordinates. And then there's Casio's digital camera watch... .

"It holds one hundred images at 120 over 120 resolution... .easily uploadable into Microsoft Office."

So you take pictures and then you can look at them on your wrist.

"You can and you can upload them to your computer and use them there, for email purposes, for printing, whatever purpose."

It links to a database of names and phone numbers in the watch to give you a sort of artificial photographic memory. You can find a link to Casio's wrist technology site at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.