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Wireless Phone Web Browsing...Made Easier

Techstination feature for Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Oh come on, you can't really browse the Web with one of those wireless phones. Or can you? The answer is yes and no. No, you can't jump around from Web site to Web site the way you can with a computer. You can try, but typing in addresses on those little phone keypads can be pretty frustrating. And so is what you'll wind up seeing on the little screen. But the big wireless carriers are creating ways to make the Web useful on those phones. Verizon Wireless is the latest to let subscribers tap into a wealth of information. Verizon's director of product development, Frank Antonacci says it really can be useful... .

"Mobile commerce... the ability to buy tickets from Ticketmaster when they hear that a concert is coming to their town. When they're out in the park having lunch listening to the radio, they realize, you know what, I'd like to go to that concert, I want tickets now. Just jump on their Verizon Wireless phone and buy that ticket."

Subscribers, who will pay 6.95 a month after a 90 day free trial, can use the Web to set up the kinds of news, weather, sports and stock market information they want or check movie listings, get directions or book a tee time. One word of advice... choose carefully, or you'll wind up with that little thing in your pocket beeping at you all the time. You can find more info at You can find us at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.