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There's No Escaping the Net... New Devices From Compaq

Techstination feature for Monday, August 21, 2000

It started with that desktop computer in your office. Then you had to have one at home. Maybe you've got a laptop for the road. And now... there's a browser on your wireless phone, email on your pager, the Web is showing up on your TV, it's coming to your car and Internet appliances want to populate every room of your house! And if Compaq Computer has its way... sooner rather than later... .

"We are creating new and different ways for people to access the Internet that's going to allow them to get connected anytime, anywhere. It's going to allow them to get more value out of the Internet. It's going to enhance their lives whether they're at home, at work or on the road."

Michael Larson is Senior VP at Compaq's Consumer Group... which is rolling out a 600 dollar plug and play Internet appliance, there's a four hundred dollar rebate for a three year Internet service commitment. Sounds on the pricey side to me. Besides that, Compaq is coming out with a new personal digital audio player and the iPAQ Connection Point, designed to distribute high speed Net access throughout the home...

"That provides firewall security, wireless Internet and flexible home networking."

It should be on the market in two months retailing for about 499 dollars. The Internet inside and outside your home... and in your pocket. Compaq is branding a version of Research in Motion's wireless Blackberry devices with the iPAQ name as well.