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Free Software to Improve Your Image

Techstination feature for Tuesday, August 22, 2000

No, this isn't designed for political candidates. We're talking about software to help with your digital images. Adobe has created a tool you can use to organize and do some simple editing of photos. Adobe's Sonya Schaefer...

"All of these people are getting into digital imaging technology because of the digital cameras, scanners, the ability to get your pictures on CD or floppy disk and all the services that are now available on the Internet for getting your digital images printed. But how do you pull all those things together and how do you really get the most out of your photo, and that's where Adobe comes in with our software called Activeshare."

It lets you organize albums, create slide shows, email pictures or store them for free on the Web. There are simple editing functions too...

"Do some quick clean up like rotate or trim the photo, or get rid of some red eye and then print it."

Either at home... or have pictures printed by a one of the growing number of online photo finishers and sent to you by mail. The results from sites I've tried, like, and have been pretty impressive. And most will let you order quite a few prints for free.

"The nice thing is you don't have to print everything. You can choose, five copies of one photo, no copies of another, two copies of another..

You can download the free Adobe software, Windows only, from Your image looks better already.