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From Print Ads to the Web in a Wink

Techstination feature for Wednesday, August 23, 2000

That's the way new technology from a company called Digimarc is supposed to work. Say we're reading a magazine, Popular Mechanics, with Digimarc's Josh Rosenthol... and we want more information about an advertiser using a Digimarc watermark. Just hold it up to a little camera attached to your PC...

"So, for example, if I wanted to find out more about Jack Daniels all I have to do ... hold it up, you hear the little chime to tell you you're on your way... " You don't even have to be sober... "That's exactly right, in fact it's probably preferred with the Jack Daniels... and there you are at the Jack Daniels site."

The demo is amazing. How does it work?

"We put digital information into a picture and when you hold that picture up to your computer or your camera it reads the digital information out, links you to a Web site and directs you right there without you having to do anything."

" A revolution in the making? Maybe, but it has some evolution to go through first. When I tried holding a Digimarc page up to a PC camera at home, it took me a good three or four minutes to get the link to work. It would have been a lot faster to type in a Web address. But maybe this is the future. Imagine the possibilities... linking printed pages or pictures to Web sites. The site, if you want to see for yourself is