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Create Virtual Athletes to Train and Compete

Techstination feature for Monday, September 4, 2000

Ready for the Olympics? Start training your own virtual athletes. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. In the spirit of the Olympic games, there is no official tie in or licensing, comes a new kind of track and field competition on the Web... .

"Virtual Athlete is a desktop to Net event that parallels real world sporting events. Just prior to and at the same time the Sydney games go on, we'll be creating virtual events where people can collect athletes, train the athletes and then enter them into competitions on a global basis."

Michael Rothman of, creators of Virtual Athlete. Unlike the Olympics, the competition is for cash and prizes, a hundred thousand dollars worth in all. The idea is to give your athletes the right amounts of training, nourishment and rest..

"Some characters, some athletes, are probably very well self motivated just like real athlete are. Others probably need a really strong coach. And you're their coach, so if you're not on top of what they're doing you could find them literally sleeping or goofing off or stuffing their face with a lot of junk food."

Save the junk food for yourself while you point, click and keep that on screen athlete training away. It's free to play and you can find more info at Competition begins September 15th. Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg News.