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Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Me

Techstination feature for Thursday, September 14, 2000

Microsoft rolls out Windows Me. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. Here it is... another version of Windows. Windows Millenium Edition or Windows Me... is aimed at the home consumer. An upgrade to Windows 98. So what's the big deal? Brian Livingston is the author of Windows Me Secrets and nine other Windows books from IDG... .

"This is a minor upgrade. But people with Windows 98 might want to get it because it allows you to roll your PC back to some previous point when it was working well. So if you install a new piece of software or hardware and it doesn't work you can roll back to the way your machine was yesterday and everything should be just the way it was."

But overall... our tests have found Windows Me to be more stable than Windows 98. You'll have to re-boot less often... .

"It is more stable and Internet Explorer, which is Microsoft's browser, is a little faster in Windows Me. It also includes multimedia software like Media Player that allows you to play your CD songs on your PC and Movie Maker which allows you to edit little snippets of video from your video cassette recorder. This is actually a little bit controversial because other companies make this software and Microsoft has included Media Player and Movie Maker in Windows Me and doesn't provide any way for users to take them out."

An interesting decision considering the legal battles Microsoft has been going through. The upgrade price... fifty nine dollars.