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CCrane WIFI2 Radio

Wireless Web Gets Some Speed

Techstination feature for Monday, October 9, 2000

Wireless is the word. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. Imagine being able to connect to the Web and email... without wires... at high speeds. I've used a wireless phone connected to a notebook computer to access the Net... and it's a great solution for a lot of people. But if you need bandwidth, Metricom is taking high speed Ricochet service nationwide. Metricom CEO Tim Dreisbach...

"What it does is it gives you complete access to the Internet at high speed and a continuous connection. High speed Internet surfing with no connection and wires. It works anywhere across the country within our footprint."

Major metropolitan areas at the moment... check the Metricom Web site to see if it's available near you. The experience... is great. The connection speeds are up to 128K... with no wires...

"Our chief customers today are mobile professionals, they are knowledge working business professionals. For example it could be an auditor or marketing person who wants to work on client locations. A real estate agent who wants to, from their car, access MLS listings and surf the Web. "

And the list goes on. The external modem can connect to USB or serial ports and can be Velcroed onto the back of a laptop screen. The price... about four hundred dollars for the modem and between 75 and 90 dollars a month for service. You can find more info at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg News.