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Fingerprints Instead of Passwords

Techstination feature for Friday, October 20, 2000

Fingerprints instead of passwords. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. Biometrics are going mainstream. If you're worried about security at your desktop computer, and who isn't... you can replace your passwords with your fingerprint. George Myers is with a company called Digital Persona... which makes an easy plug and play solution called U.are.U... .

"The product, what it does, is replaces passwords. Passwords today are used..the main form of user authentication... but yet they're not very secure. And they're also not very convenient. Most folks are writing those passwords down because of the inconvenience of them and they're forced to change them every thirty to ninety days in most business environments."

U.are.U is a small device that plugs into the USB port of a PC and its software allows you to restrict access to the computer or specific programs to users who have the authorized fingerprint...

"And you can train it to work with any application such as Hotmail or any Internet account or local application such as your Quicken account, etcetera."

It can work in the home environment to keep programs and files safe from children... or in the office. Price start at about 149 dollars. A version built into keyboards is on the way... as is the use of fingerprints for secure online transactions...

"We have a new product that is in beta form right now that's called U.are.U Online. And U.are.U Online allows other online businesses to protect access to their services through this biometric sensor."

You can find more information at You can find us at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg News.