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Can Mako Take a Bite Out of the Handheld Market?

Techstination feature for Monday, October 30, 2000

Can Mako take a bite out of the handheld market? I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. Mako is the name of a new handheld computer... from S3's Diamond division. It doesn't look anything like a Palm or PocketPC...

"What it is, is it's somewhat of a high end PDA that gives you a large display... three times as much information as a Palm. A much wider range of applications than what most people expect on a PDA today and very sophisticated communications capabilities."

SC Chief Technical Officer Andrew Wolfe. It uses the Epoc operating system from Symbian. The Mako features a built in keyboard and a wide screen... much easier for entering data... .and a cradle that makes it simple to exchange data with your PC. About those communications capabilities...

"There are number of different tools here... an email client, a WAP browser which is for Web clipping content and a full Web browser and what you can do today is with certain kinds of cell phones you can put the cell phone right next to the Mako and using and infrared connection, connect directly to the Internet. "

What you don't get... is a color screen or multimedia features of a PocketPC... or the wide compatibility of the Palm platform. The Diamond Mako sells for about four hundred dollars. You can find more information at You can find us at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg News.