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Cell Phones That Are Music to Your Ears

Techstination feature for Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Cell phones that are music to your ears. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. Those wireless phones aren't just for talking anymore... .

"This phone is the first wireless phone combined with MP3 player and a digital music service available in North America."

Bill Bassett... VP at a company called Hit Hive... a digital music service tied into a new Sprint PCS phone from Samsung. Customers can buy music online... where it is stored in a Hit Hive locker. Then you just download the songs you want onto the phone... .

"This wireless phone is the first time they've been able to access their digital music through a wireless phone and then take that music with them so they can have the convenience of having one device. A top end wireless phone with a digital music collection and MP3 player that they can take their music with them."

You listen through stereo headphones and the sound is as good as you'll find on similar devices that only play music. If you get a phone call...

"What's unique about this phone is you could be listening to your music and the then the remote control has a little button that you push on that, it pauses the music, you can then take your phone call and when you get done with your phone call... you push the same button and you pick right up where you left off."

One down side... there is no removable memory... .it uses 64 megabytes of internal storage... so you have to go back to a PC... when you want to change the collection of songs on the phone. The phone sells for about four hundred dollars.