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Holiday Gatherings...Over the Web

Techstination feature for Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Bring families together for the holidays, on the Web. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. With the way families are today, it can be difficult to pull everyone together for holiday gatherings. PCs are already helping to bridge the miles with email and chat. But a Web cam can add a whole new dimension. Logitech has added to its popular QuickCam line... with the QuickCam Pro 3000. Product manager Bruce Friedricks...

"We call these cameras Internet video cameras. And what they do is enable the average consumer, using their PC and Internet connection to communicate in a much more meaningful, personal and ultimately satisfying way than they could otherwise. In a few words, we like to say it lets them get closer."

The camera is bundled with software to let you create video email, video greeting cards, Web albums and even let's you create a live Web broadcast of that holiday gathering. One of the first software packages that let everyday people share video on the Net was called CuSeeMe... first developed at Cornell University. It's on its own today, making applications that allow real time video chat for individuals and businesses. CEO Killko Caballero...

"As the market has evolved, we now have high powered PCs. Broadband is coming more and more. And so the quality is actually moving more and more towards business quality."

But there are still consumer applications too... and a lot of full video conferencing chat rooms at a site called Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg Radio.