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Online Competition Heats Up

Techstination feature for Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Online competition heats up. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. How do you compete with America Online? AT&T WorldNet is adding things like instant messaging, six e-mail IDs per account, and 30 megabytes of space for personal web pages. It's also going back to offering unlimited access for 21.95 a month and access to WorldNet email from anywhere you can get on the web. AT&T was relatively late getting into the Internet business, but with the recent announcement of it's takeover of the IBM Global Network system, which will mean many more customers and more access lines, it seems to be setting its sites on AOL. By the way, it's also adding a pop up window that will tell subscribers, You have mail!

Did you forget your address book or electronic organizer? Yahoo! has added a new feature called Yahoo! Address Book, that lets you store all of those names and numbers online and even synchronizes the information with handheld devices.

When it comes to computer vulnerability to hackers, the gateways to email are often the weakest link. Not anymore, IBM researchers have developed what they call Secure Mail. IBM's Charles Palmer...

"And the good news is we're giving it away in source form, with a very liberal license that says please take this, port it to your platform, sell it, redistribute it, whatever."

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