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The Push For Wireless Networks

Techstination feature for Thursday, February 1, 2001

The push for wireless networks. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bloomberg Bootcamp. Imagine carrying a notebook computer from room to room or office to office... .and staying connected wirelessly to other PCs and the Internet. The technology has been around for awhile... but costs have kept it from migrating down from large corporate environments. That is changing... fast. A variety of reasonably priced home networking products are on the market... .and a lot more are on the way. And for small offices... .Toshiba is just out with a series of new notebooks with built in wireless networking. And says VP Mike Wagner... the company is making a no risk offer... .

"We'll actually come into a small business, we'll install a wireless network. We'll hook up an access point in the office and the access point is a box that sits on the wall that allows all the computers within about a ten thousand foot radius to attach to a network without connecting any wires. We're selling that installation service for 795 dollars through September 30th."

The access point sells for an additional 750 dollars and each computer will need a wireless networking card. About 149 apiece. What Toshiba is offering is a money back guarantee. Don't like it... .and they'll uninstall it....

"I think Toshiba's message is that wireless is here today, we can help you install it, we have all the components to make wireless a success. It works. It works as easy as a cell phone."

Students at many campuses are finding that out already. Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg Radio.