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Digital Music Players Everywhere

Techstination feature for Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Digital music players everywhere. Even though they're still pricey, especially for the teenage market, digital music players are hot. They're being built into wireless phones, handheld organizers... ..and into digital cameras. Samsung is readying a new batch of models for its Yepp line. Samsung's Susan Stier says some have color screens for viewing photos or even videos... .

"This is called our PhotoYepp 2 and this plays MPEG4 pictures and it's also multi-format, also does the JPEG, has the nice TFT monitor and comes 64 meg embedded memory with an expandable slot." What's the one with the camera on it? "That is what we call our Motion Yepp. And that is actually where you can download music, you can also download pictures, but you can take pictures with this."

Fuji has a high end digital camera that can play digital music... and Polaroid is coming out with a lower end consumer model. At Creative Labs a big focus has been on increasing storage capacity. Creative's Phil O'Shaughnessy says the Nomad JukeBox lets you carry your music library with you...

"The Nomad JukeBox of course has a six gigabyte hard drive which enables people to store 150 CDs or over a hundred hours worth of music on one device where you can take your entire collection with you anytime, anywhere."

In the car or hook it to your stereo at home. The Nomad JukeBox isn't much bigger than a portable CD player and you can find it for under 450 dollars. Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg Radio.