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Xbox Vs PlayStation 2

Techstination feature for Friday, March 9, 2001

Xbox versus PlayStation2. The battle for the hearts and dollars of video game players begins. Months before Microsoft's Xbox is due to arrive on store shelves... the publicity engine has been revving up. The strategy seems to be to convince game players to hold off on trying to hunt down the elusive PlayStation2 from Sony. The Xbox, they say, will be worth the wait... .

"The graphics capability, the sound capability of Xbox is well over three times that of any other video game console. So you're going to see games that look as if they're real. When you're in an environment cruising around in a race car or perhaps tracking down opponents, it's going to feel as if you're actually there."

John O'Rourke heads games sales and marketing for Microsoft. The graphics and sound capability... the big selling points... .come from a company called nVidia... where Dan Vivoli says a programmable graphics processor is what makes the realism possible...

"You can make skin look like skin... when they smile their face and skin stretches like it's supposed to. Material looks like material... cloth bends and conforms and looks like you'd expect it to look. So the subtle details of real life are going to be possible with this graphics processor for the very first time."

While the Xbox won't be available until the fall, gamers who are willing to pay about five hundred dollars... will find the same technology being employed in new G Force graphics cards for PCs arriving this month. Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin, Bloomberg Radio.