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Holiday Help From Your PC

Techstination feature for Monday, December 7, 1998

Your computer can help you get through the holidays. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Still addressing those holiday cards by hand. While some folks might think it's tacky to use a computer and printer to address cards, the people who make Avery labels and software say if you have your addressbook stored on a PC, it only makes sense. Avery's Brenda Dillon says time is the key factor...

"For me, I keep in touch with my mom's friends and I send out a hundred holiday cards every year. And with women in the nineties and men in the nineties and businesses in the nineties, you just, you really have to kind of make your time work for you."

You can download a free trial of Avery's LabelPro software at, where you'll also find other holiday ideas..

"From making personalized notecards to give as gifts or recording the kids doing their holiday singing, put it on audio tape and put a personalized sticker on there and give it to Grandma as a gift."

Another web site offers help that lots of men may appreciate... instructions on wrapping gifts....complete with an online step by step video... (sound) I know more men than women, including myself, who can use this kind of advice, so it seems a little misplaced at the Ladies Home Journal web site at