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Selective Service Registration Online

Techstination feature for Thursday, December 3, 1998

Where do you go to find 18 year old men? The Selective Service believes the the Internet. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. They don't have to worry about being drafted at the moment, but 18 year old males are legally required to register for the Selective Service. Up until now, they had to mail in a card or go to the post office. But all that has changed. All they have to do now is log onto Selective Service spokesman Lewis Brodsky...

"We think that many young men are either online through home computers or certainly they have access to computers through schools, through libraries and in essence most young men have access in one way or another. Especially those men overseas, by the way, cause overseas American citizens must register if they're male and they're turning 18 and this certainly makes it a lot easier for them to do that."

The service is hoping many web sites, frequented by young men will put up links to the registration site. About security, the spokesman says...

"We've got some safeguards built into this system of course and there are security measures that pretty much will tell us that the man who is coming in to us and registering is the man he says he is. And, of course, we've got safeguards built in to protect our database."

You might say opening Windows, could lead to a a draft.