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Imaging With New Polaroid Camera and New IBM Scanner

Techstination feature for Tuesday, December 1, 1998

A lot of holiday wish lists include digital cameras and scanners. Polaroid, the company that made instant photography popular decades ago, is making digital photography more affordable. The new PDC 640 PhotoMax kit includes a lot of extras you won't find in other low end digital cameras....

"With the PDC 640, you not only get the camera, but you get the AC adaptor, you get all the cables you might need to view the images on your TV and also on your computer. We include in the box a full version of our PhotoMax ImageMaker software, which is a software package designed to encourage the user to just plain have fun with their images on the computer."

Polaroid's Stephen Goldin. The company even sells a photo printer that uses standard Polaroid film. It sells for 249 dollars, but the real cost of printing this way is the film. The PDC640 kit sells for under three hundred dollars. In the market for a scanner that lets you turn your existing photos and documents into a digital format? IBM's new IdeaScan is an easy to use solution that sells for under a hundred fifty dollars. It has single button controls to let you copy, fax or email...

"You don't really need to fidget around with any of the software, you just push the button right on the scanner and it does this."

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