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How Low Can Memory Prices Go?

Techstination feature for Thursday, June 7, 2001

Computer memory prices keep falling. Bloomberg Bootcamp, a Report on Today's Technology. How low can they go? These aren't the best of times for chip makers, but for consumers, the continuing slide in memory prices means this is an ideal time to improve PC performance. Mike Bokan is General Manager at Crucial Technology, a division of Micron... .

"Folks can now get a 128 meg memory module for somewhere in the fifty dollar range which is really just a fantastic value in terms of what it will do for someone's system. The reason for the decline is just like the reason for any increase. It's simply a supply and demand issue within the market."

Prices are lower today than they've ever been. The question is for how much longer?

"That's a great question, Fred, and no one really knows that. If you listen to the experts in the field in terms of some of the folks that are analyzing the semiconductor industry, you see a wide variety of opinions. Really, it's very difficult to predict. Right now, as I mentioned, supply is exceeding demand and there are lot of variables to that including how much the major memory manufacturers are producing... including the demand side on PCs."

Even new double data rate SDRAM is being sold by the company for under 80 dollars for 256 megabytes. Bloomberg Bootcamp. I'm Fred Fishkin.