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The Next Super PDAs

Techstination feature for Friday, July 6, 2001

The next generation of SuperPDA. Bloomberg Bootcamp, a report on today's technology. When you think of a PDA... either a Palm or PocketPC based device... .you think of something that slips easily into your pocket. But now, some devices are being... the way your local fast food chain would put it... super-sized. ViewSonic is about to launch what it calls the ViewPad 100 SuperPDA... .

"Well we call it SuperPDA because unlike what we consider PDA, it's a little bit large to fit in your pocket. But then, we felt a 10 inch screen was probably the minimum you'd want if you're going to do Web surfing."

Viewsonic's Herb Berkwits. The 2 and a half pound SuperPDA hitting the market this summer will sell for about a thousand dollars. It's expandability will allow users to connect to the net from the tablet anywhere. A bit more manageable in size... but still too big for a pocket... is another device from a company called PC-Ephone. CEO Dave Meltzer...

"This is the world's first Windows CE based convergence device. It means it's a telephone, a full functioning laptop with Internet access, it's a pager, it's an's your calendar, your contact list, it's a memo pad. It also has a wireless stylus which is Bluetooth enabled. Now what does that mean? It means you can walk away from the actual device with your stylus and utilize it as a telephone."

Wireless carriers should begin marketing the PC-Ephone by late summer. Pricing hasn't been set... but you can bet it will be more than your typical cell phone. Bloomberg Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin.