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The Windows XP Tug of War

Techstination feature for Tuesday, August 7, 2001

The tug of war over Windows XP. Bloomberg Bootcamp, a report on today's technology. Despite calls from some members of Congress for a delay... .and the continuing anti-trust case... .Microsoft says it is going ahead with the launch of Windows XP this fall...

"It's going to be available October 25th. Consumers are going to love it. We're working around the clock to get it to them."

Microsoft VP Chris Jones. It's a battle in more ways than one. Microsoft is fighting AOL's attempts to pay computer manufacturers to place an AOL icon on what was supposed to be a clean Windows XP desktop... .

"We recommend that OEMs install the system with a clean desktop. In the event that they choose not to do that there will be icons from Microsoft and from other third parties."

Another battle is between Microsoft and Kodak... .over the way Windows XP links automatically to digital cameras... and how it links users to printing services. Kodak's Anthony Sanzio...

"We believe consumers when they buy a digital camera, whether Kodak's or another vendor's... and install the software, the consumer has made a choice that they want that software to run when that camera is connected. We feel that once Microsoft has engaged the consumer in the Microsoft application, they are then steering the consumer to print their pictures online at either a Microsoft or a Microsoft preferred vendor where Microsoft will then take a cut of the transaction."

Microsoft contends it is just trying to make the process easier for consumers and it points out Kodak recently launched an expanded photo service with AOL. Bloomberg Bootcamp. I'm Fred Fishkin.